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Municipal Water Treatment

Today's potable water and wastewater treatment facilities face a multitude of complications in the goal to provide clean, safe water to communities. Slashed municipal budgets, government regulations and the need for complex risk management plans challenge facilities every day. As facilities reassess their water treatment systems, many find the solution in the Accu-Tab tablet chlorination system.

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Food Safety & Irrigation

Killing harmful bacteria is simple and effective with the Accu-Tab® tablet chlorination system. The system offers a certified and well-engineered approach to process water chlorination for applications such as red meat and poultry processing, fruit and vegetable processing, irrigation for agriculture and use at beverage and bottling plants. 

The chlorination system stands up to the toughest demands, helping to reduce cross-contamination by killing bacteria and other pathogens. It is simpler and easier to maintain than chlorine dioxide, peroxyacetic acid or liquid bleach systems—and it eliminates the storage and handling hassles and high capital expenditures associated with them. 

Accu-Tab systems are certified or approved by the NSF, USDA, EPA, FDA, AWWA, OMRI and WSDA.

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