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What is Porviva?

Porviva is an epoxy based surface that uses a specially engineered and patented epoxy. It is designed to penetrate the concrete surface and protect and seal the concrete. All other epoxy systems on the market today simply coat the surface.


Porviva becomes the surface.

Once the eqpoxy is applied, a thin layer of synthetic material is applied to the surface to coat it. The process is completed again for a finish coat and then seal coated for added protection

How is it used?
Porviva is used to coat pools & walkways in waterpark and amusement park applications. The product has two major amazing benefits that the industry has been looking for for a long, long time.
Service Life -- a Porviva coating in a swimming pool or catch pool has a service life of 5-7 years. Instead of painting your wave pool & lazy river every year, imagine doing it once every 5 years at the SAME ANNUALIZED COST.
Cooling Effect -- The product is comprised of a synthetic material that simply does not collect heat like regular concrete. Current installations in North America report a cooling effect of 20° F cooler than existing concrete
Can you install it?
Yes. Without a doubt.
From surface preparation to product installation, the product can be easily installed by your maintenance staff. BLUEWATER also offers installation services Nationwide.  

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Porviva Gallery

Porviva Waves
Porviva Waves 2
Porviva Install
Porviva Lazy River
Porviva Resort

BLUEWATER is the North American distributor for the Porviva Coating System. This unique product has changed the way waterparks and large aquatic facilties maintain their pool and walkway surfaces. 

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